The highest honor! Sanya won the Excellence Award of National Patent
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Date: 2022-05-25
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Author: SANYA

      The China Patent Award is the highest award in domestic patents co-sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization. It is the only Chinese government award for patent rights, and has been recognized by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

      Technological innovation ability is an important scale to evaluate the core competitiveness of enterprises. Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office has released the list of the 23rd China Patent Awards in 2022, among which Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. invention patent "a central balanced engine" ranked in the list, won the excellence award of this China Patent Award!


      "A central balanced engine" (National Patent No. ZL201410766054.9), which is mainly used in Sanya NF engines.The patent is through many research and test,redesign of the crank link parts and left crankshaft case through technical, optimize the crank rod parts and bearing bolt, so as to achieve vibration reduction, improve the comfort of the vehicle riding, effectively extend the service life of the bearing.


      Engine as the heart of the motorcycle, the patented technology "small vibration, low fuel consumption and strong durability" is fully in line with the company's vision of "innovation, energy saving, saving limited resources for the earth and building a green earth".From the beginning of the establishment, Sanya from its own industrial positioning, actively advocates the concept of environmental protection and energy saving. In the process of enterprise development and management, energy-saving technology research and development has always been the company's core development strategy.We will make unremitting efforts to save energy, environmental protection, and independent innovation.


      In terms of technology research and development, Sanya insists on investing 3% -5% of its annual revenue as research and development funds, and launching 1-2 independently developed or upgraded models every year. All models are equipped with independently developed engines, which is famous for its great power and fuel saving.Up to now, Sanya company has registered 483 national patents.With strong R & D innovation and intellectual property system, the patented products have won many awards in provincial and above industrial design competitions such as "Governor Cup".At the same time,  Sanya is recognized as the National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, Guangdong Intellectual Property Model Enterprise, and Guangzhou Intellectual Property Administrative Protection Key Enterprise Unit. Sanya has established the recognized R & D and construction institutions, such as "Energy-Saving And Environmental Protection Motorcycle Technology Research Center", "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", "Provincial Industrial Design Center".


      Sanya company won the first national patent award, giving a strong injection for Sanya technology research and development. Sanya will continue to create more high-value patents, strive to promote the transformation of patent achievements, help the enterprise with high-quality development, and strive to create a new situation in the technology development!


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